The Benefits of Replacing Sash Windows

Sash windows offer an exceptional life span of more than 60 years and in fact, some timber frame windows continue to remain strong for 100 years. However, there will be times when sash windows will need to be replaced. Of course, before replacing them with new windows, you should first check to make sure whether they can be repaired, although there will be many benefits to replacing your sash windows. While options for PVC and composite windows are available, let’s discuss the benefits of restoring your old windows with timber sash windows.

Secondary glazing is added to single glazed and even on the old worn out double glazed windows. This ensures energy efficiency and also keeps the indoor environment warm. Nevertheless, secondary glazing is generally used as a method of enhancing the quality of the window, and will not offer the same level of energy efficiency as newly fitted ones. You will need to consider changing the single glazed window or old double glazed window with an up to date, premium quality equivalent which has a longer lifespan as modern glazing techniques are a more efficient way of saving money as well as energy.

However, it is not only glazing which increases energy consumption. Badly fitted and poor quality frames have holes and gaps which let the cold air in and warm air out, creating an uncomfortable environment in the property. As a result of this you increase the heating to restore the interior of your property to an adequate temperature, but also increase both energy consumption and fuel bills.


Restoring timber sash windows means that you can restore an old property with beautiful, authentic features. However, during the latter half of the 20th century, many homes had their traditional timber sash windows removed. This replacement was mainly the result of the introduction of a cheaper alternative called PVC which gained popularity because manufacturers used secondary timber which were not as efficient when constructing windows and doors. Therefore, PVC was considered to be a better alternative. With a dependable and highly regarded installation service, modern timber windows provide longer lasting and more environmental friendly windows than modern PVC alternatives.

For those who are conscious about the environment, timber framed sash windows are not only regarded as carbon neutral, they are also carbon negative. Additionally, the timber can be recycled after it reaches at the end of the lifespan. Not forgetting the fact that timber lasts for over 60 years and guarantees energy efficiency.

The main reason many homes and properties have timber sash windows, especially if they are period properties, is to give them an authentic appearance.  Apart from giving a modern look they are also environment-friendly, energy efficient and provide a better living environment inside the home and property.

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